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New strategy for innovation in the public sector

“There is a pressing need for a new approach in research and innovation efforts within and for the public sector. We are very pleased to present our new strategy in this crucial area,” says John-Arne Røttingen, Chief Executive of the Research Council of Norway.

It is time to change our approach to innovation in the public sector,” says John-Arne Røttingen. In his remarks at the strategy launch conference, Dr Røttingen stressed the need for a major effort to enhance the focus on research and innovation in the public sector.

“The public sector constitutes half of the national economy, but over 90 per cent of the Research Council’s annual allocations to innovation go to the private sector. We must find the right steps to take to achieve a better balance between innovation efforts targeting the business versus the public sectors,” he points out.

“Our message to the Government is that we need a more clearly defined national system for renewal, restructuring and innovation as well as a national driver for these efforts. Research and knowledge must be a key part of the foundation for innovation, and activities must be expanded across subject fields, sectors and administrative levels,” Dr Røttingen states.

Broad political interest
“The users are our focal point,” says former Minister of Local Government and Modernisation, Jan Tore Sanner. During his term as Minister of Local Government and Modernisation, former minister Jan Tore Sanner had innovation in the public sector high on the agenda. His message at the launch conference was that the many different instruments should be viewed together and better coordinated as a unified whole to promote more wide-ranging innovation.

The new Government’s political platform highlights the importance of further enhancing innovation in the public sector. A variety of measures on this topic are planned, including the submission of a white paper.

“We need to target knowledge and innovation towards the major social challenges we are facing. Innovation revolves primarily around people. We need to develop a culture for progressive innovation in the public sector with our users as our focal point. Our purpose is to serve the people who live here,” says Jan Tore Sanner.


Written by:
Siv Haugan. Translation: Carol B. Eckmann.
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