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New courses give you a leg up when applying to Horizon 2020

The Research Council of Norway offers several free courses on Horizon 2020 at both beginners and advanced level. Whether you are working on a project proposal for Horizon 2020 or you are in the operating phase of your Horizon 2020 project, the courses will provide many useful tips and practical advice on what the EU is looking for.

We have divided the courses into three levels: Level 1 courses are introductory courses for people with little experience of Horizon 2020. The courses at this level give participants an introduction to EU projects, information on how to find calls for proposals, what is expected of an application and requirements for project implementation. Courses at level 2 are suitable for people with some experience of working on applications for Horizon 2020. Level 3 targets research managers and administrative research management.

New courses this year

This year, there are two new courses: ‘Horizon 2020 Master of Finance and EC Audits’ is a three-day course at level 2 for people who want to learn about financial rules, budgeting and cost reporting in Horizon 2020.

‘Finance Consultancy for Universities’ is another new course. This three-day course at level 3 is suitable for people working on the financial side of a Horizon 2020 project and will be adapted to the needs of your R&D institution.

Irene Svarteng is an adviser at OsloMet. (Photo: Brita Skuland) Many satisfied participants

Irene Svarteng of OsloMet is one of our many course participants. She has the following to report from the course ‘Horizon 2020 Proposal development – Focus: Impact’:

‘The course was very useful. The course organizers have extensive experience of writing project proposals for Horizon 2020 and have gathered examples of both successful and unsuccessful applications to learn from,’ says Svarteng. ‘Hearing about their experience from proposal development is informative and interesting. The course gives an in-depth introduction to all aspects of the process of writing a comprehensive and good application.’

Don't hesitate to sign up

The venues for the courses are university towns throughout the country. The courses are very popular and fill up quickly, so it is a good idea to sign up early. Most of the courses are given in English.

The course descriptions and more information about all the courses are available in our course calendar (in Norwegian).

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Written by:
Hilde Totland Harket. Translation: Allegro.
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