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New IPR provisions to be added to 2009 R&D contracts

Starting in 2009, provisions reflecting the Research Council's new policy on intellectual property rights (IPR) will be incorporated into all new R&D contracts.

Rettferdighet (Photo: Shutterstock) The new IPR policy was approved by the Research Council Executive Board in April and will be implemented for all new projects. Existing contracts do not need to be amended. New contract templates and documents will be provided before the end of 2008.

The new principles are designed to ensure that the results from projects are used to the benefit of society, and that they are available for use commercially as well as in further research. When projects involve several different partners, the consortium will have considerable latitude to determine how rights should be distributed internally.

Consortium agreement in place before the contract

In terms of procedure, the relevant consortium agreements must now be in place before the contract with the Research Council may be signed. Some exceptions may apply during an interim transitional period. The templates for consortium agreements will be reviewed and updated to incorporate provisions relating to the new IPR policy. The existing templates may be used as a guide until the new templates and checklists have been provided, but clauses relating to section 6 of the new IPR policy, on consortium agreements, must also be added. 

Written by:
Else Lie. Translation: Carol B. Eckmann
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