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NORGLOBAL-2: New programme for knowledge-based development policy

“We are expecting the new NORGLOBAL-2 programme to generate research-based knowledge of relevance to key priorities in Norwegian development policy in the years to come,” says Tone Skogen, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, about the Research Council’s new programme.

“The NORGLOBAL 2-programme will promote high-quality, broad-based and targeted research activity, and will create a strong framework for compiling research-based knowledge to support the design of our long-term policy as well as our responses to unforeseen events,” Ms Skogen adds.

New opportunities for the research community
The programme provides new opportunities for Norwegian research groups to generate knowledge on topics that may be crucial to achieving the UNs Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2020.

“Knowledge will be critical for Norwegian policy design in the years to come, but even more importantly, the research will be a major component of Norway’s contribution to the global knowledge pool,” Ms Skogen emphasises.

Øyvind Østerud, Chair of the NORGLOBAL 2 programme board, stresses the significance of research targeting the UNs Sustainable Development Goals.

Challenge-based research
Øyvind Østerud, Chair of the NORGLOBAL 2 programme board, also stresses the significance of research targeting the SDGs. Challenge-based research that addresses development issues will be a primary focus. The new programme underlines the importance of dialogue between researchers, policy-makers and practitioners and will emphasise dissemination of research funded by the programme.

Priority areas under the programme:

  • global education,
  • humanitarian efforts,
  • conflict, security and fragile states,
  • business development and job creation,
  • the environment, climate and renewable energy.

First call for proposals issued
The first call for proposals for NOBGLOBAL-2 was issued on 5 April with an application deadline of 24 May.

“Applications may target multiple thematic areas, and applicants are encouraged to incorporate more than one of the programme’s thematic areas,” says Inger-Ann Ulstein, programme coordinator of the NORGLOBAL-2 programme.

Ms Ulstein emphasises the importance of including relevant international partners. Among other things, the call encourages cooperation with leading partners in the South, although the NORGLOBAL-2 programme does not have the same focus on capacity-building in the South as the first NORGLOBAL programme.

Written by:
Siv Haugan. Translation: Glenn Wells/Carol B. Eckmann.
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