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Get help with your EU project from idea to project proposal

The Research Council of Norway is providing assistance from external consultants to help Norwegian applicants for Horizon 2020 funding to produce project proposals that can succeed in the tough EU competition.

“We have found that many Norwegian research and innovation actors seeking to apply for Horizon 2020 funding could have saved considerable time and effort if they had received feedback on their project earlier in the process,” says project manager Inger Nordgard at the Research Council’s International Unit.

The Research Council is therefore providing help to Norwegian applicants in the form of external consultants who can provide assistance for all stages of the application process. These services are mainly targeted towards Norwegian institutions that do not have their own internal EU advisory services.

Dedicated consultant following the preparation process
The task of reviewing Norwegian project ideas has been given to the firm PNO Consultants, which is used by many companies and well-known European research institutions. The assigned consultant will follow the potential applicant from the project development phase through completion of the project proposal, in close cooperation with the Research Council’s National Contact Points (NCPs) in the relevant subject field.

The opportunities for us at Horizon 2020 are endless, says team manager Paul Fredrik Eilertsen at VISMA ITC. VISMA ITC is one of the companies that are at present planning to apply for Horizon 2020 funding. The company is working to automate manual processes using artificial intelligence, among other things. “Coincidence led us to Horizon 2020,” explains team manager Paul Fredrik Eilertsen at VISMA ITC[VSC3] . “We knew absolutely nothing about what Horizon 2020 has to offer the business sector, but now we see that the opportunities for us are endless.” He is very positive to the expert help offered by the Research Council via PNO, which boasts an average success rate of 50 per cent for proposals that its consultants have been involved in.

New chance in the autumn
Help in reviewing project proposals is available all year round. The Research Council will be offering a new round of assistance relating to the entire application development process in the autumn. Potential applicants should contact the NCP in their subject field as soon as possible to indicate their interest in participating.

PNO offers expert assistance in:

  • mentoring and development of ideas to create the best possible Horizon 2020 proposal;
  • identifying applicants’ unique “selling points”;
  •  finding the right partners for the project;
  • identifying specific needs, ambitions and expectations in targeted meetings;
  • identifying calls for proposals and funding opportunities that fit applicants’ projects;
  • reviewing and providing feedback on applicants’ project proposals that will increase the chances of winning Horizon 2020 funding.  

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Written by:
Hilde Totland Harket. Translation: Victoria Coleman/Carol B. Eckmann.
Last updated: