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Changes to this year’s FRIPRO call

The application deadline for this year’s FRIPRO call is 24 May. Phase two of the third joint funding initiative for the FRIPRO scheme is being implemented in 2017, and NOK 500 million will be available for new FRIPRO Toppforsk projects with start-up in 2018.

This year, funding is being announced for the following application types: FRIPRO Toppforsk, Researcher Projects, Young Research Talents, FRIPRO mobility grants and Support for Events.

The call for proposals will be published during the week of 20 March, and it will be possible to create an application from 7 April.

The FRIPRO scheme is announcing funding in three research areas:

Phase two of third joint funding initiative – FRIPRO Toppforsk

In 2015, Norway’s research institutions and the Research Council of Norway signed an agreement on a new joint funding initiative to boost the FRIPRO scheme. Dynamic research groups with the potential to reach the top of their field will receive support via FRIPRO Toppforsk projects. This is the third time the research institutions and the Research Council have joined forces in this manner.

In phase one of the third joint initiative, a total of NOK 1 billion was awarded to 46 projects with start-up in 2016. In phase two, NOK 500 billion is being announced this year for new Toppforsk projects with start-up in 2018. Norway’s universities, university colleges, research institutes and health trusts are taking part in the funding initiative.

Overseas research grants and extension of the project period

The Project Owner (host institution) for Researcher Projects and Young Research Talents projects may apply for 3–12 month overseas research grants for research fellows financed under the projects.

For post-doctoral research fellows to be financed under FRIPRO projects awarded funding this year, the Project Owner may apply for an extension of the post-doctoral fellowship period in connection with a 3–12 research stay abroad.

The fellowship period may be extended by the corresponding number of months of the research stay abroad. The stay may comprise multiple stays for a total of maximum 12 months. This measure is part of the Research Council’s new recruitment policy.

Interviews with young research talents

The FRIPRO scheme will continue to interview project managers for Young Research Talents projects as part of the application review process.

Adaptation to and qualification for the ERC

Project managers for Toppforsk projects awarded funding under phase two will be required to apply for grants from the European Research Council (ERC) to be eligible to seek FRIPRO funding again in a subsequent funding round.

Project managers for Researcher Projects and Young Research Talents projects are also expected to apply for ERC grants.

Written by:
Therese Farstad. Translation: Victoria Coleman/Darren Mckellep
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