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New knowledge will improve science communication

The Research Council of Norway is allocating a total of NOK 7.6 million to three projects that will shed light on the dialogue between research and society. One of the criteria for the funding awards is that knowledge from the projects can be put into practice by science communicators who bring research to the public through various channels and means.  
Date: 10.11.2017

Five student research programmes to boost researcher recruitment

Students from five study programmes will have the option of completing a student research programme alongside their regular programme. This can give them a head start on a potential doctoral degree. The Research Council of Norway is working together with five different universities on pilot projects to promote greater recruitment of young talent to research.
Date: 09.11.2017

Next application deadline: 22 November 2017

Are you planning to submit a grant proposal to the Research Council for the 22 November deadline? Follow our advice on how to avoid any last-minute glitches.
Date: 08.11.2017

Simplified form for progress reports

Will you be submitting a progress report for your project by the 1 December deadline? The Research Council has made some changes in the form for progress reports.
Date: 31.10.2017

New H2020 course for researchers and advisers

The Research Council of Norway is now offering a completely new two-day course with hands-on training on how to write a project proposal for Horizon 2020.
Date: 25.10.2017

Meet the experienced personnel at Research Council’s Brussels office

The Research Council of Norway has new management and new contacts at its Brussels office.
Date: 19.10.2017

728 grant proposals submitted for the October application deadline

Over NOK 1.5 billion was available for projects in this funding round. Just over NOK 1.1 billion of this was targeted towards Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector.
Date: 19.10.2017

Time to apply for EU funding

The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, is entering its final phase. In its remaining three years, the programme period will announce close to EUR 50 billion in funding. The Research Council of Norway encourages Norwegian actors to make the most of this opportunity and to take part in the working meetings to be held around the country this autumn.
Date: 18.10.2017

2018 research budget shows real decrease, but important priorities maintained

After several years of real growth, the budget for 2018 will bring a real decrease of approximately NOK 600 million in allocations for research, bringing total public R&D allocations to NOK 35.4 billion. Despite the decrease in the research budget, the Norwegian Government will still achieve its target of one per cent of GDP by 2018.
Date: 13.10.2017

The smart route for researchers seeking an ERC grant

Professor of Economics Katrine Vellesen Løken was awarded an ERC Starting Grant in September. She is happy to provide some insight into what to do to win international funding.
Date: 13.10.2017