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Taking part in national and international networks enables you as a researcher to achieve even more with your work. It can advance your career and increase your opportunities to seek funding under the EU framework programmes. The Research Council and Norway participate in organisations that help researchers to become part of an existing network or to start a new one.

European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)
is a framework for transnational cooperation researcher networks in 37 Member States and open to participants from other countries and all sectors. Researchers bring their nationally funded projects into the network. See the list of COST Actions and take contact if you are interested in participating. If you would like to start a new COST Action, see the webpage for the COST Open Call.


EUREKA – A European network for innovation
is the European network for market-driven research and development. EUREKA Network Projects are run by companies and involve the participation of companies and research institutions from at least two EUREKA countries. See also the EUROSTARS Programme. Contact Inga Elizabeth Bruskeland if participation in either of these networks is of interest to your company.


Future Earth
is an international research platform that generates knowledge about how and why the global environment is changing and how to transition to a sustainable world. Future Earth offers access to a major international researcher network and the opportunity to participate in designing a global research agenda. See the Future Earth website for more information. Contact Eivind Hoff-Elimari if this network is of interest to you.