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Large-scale Programmes

The Large-scale Programmes initiative is designed to build long-term knowledge in order to encourage innovation and enhance value creation as well as to help find solutions to important challenges facing society.

At present the Research Council administers seven programmes under the Large-scale Programme initiative. These programmes have been developed in a dialogue between the research establishment, industry and the public administration, and extend across various sectors and value chains. They incorporate a wide variety of actors, providing them with a strategic and dynamic arena for communication and cooperation.

The Large-scale Programmes represent a key component of the Research Council's efforts to satisfy the objectives regarding priority thematic and technology areas.

The Large-scale Programme initiative aims to:

  • Achieve specific objectives and identify concrete challenges or opportunities of strategic national importance.
  • Generate synergy and interaction between strategic basic research, applied research and innovation.
  • Implement efforts within a long-term perspective and elicit results that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. 
  • Mobilise researchers and industry through strategic utilisation of different types of funding together with other instruments administered by the Research Council. 
  • Promote an effective international orientation.
  • Maintain a clear profile vis-à-vis the research community, the political community, the government administration and the public at large.

For more information about the Large-scale Programmes, see the individual research programme websites:

Biotechnology for Innovation- BIOTEK2021
Research related to the implementation of the national strategy for biotechnology in the agricultural, marine, industrial and health sectors.

AQUACULTURE - An Industry in Growth - HAVBRUK
Research to promote aquaculture as a sustainable, market-oriented, profitable growth industry.

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials - NANO2021
Research aimed at enhancing the national knowledge base within nanotechnology and advanced materials to meet high international standards.

The Large-scale Programme on Climate Research - KLIMAFORSK
Society must be reoriented to respond to climate change. We need to know more if we are to successfully adapt to and counteract the projected changes. Activities under the KLIMAFORSK programme will promote the acquisition and use of this knowledge within society.

Large-scale Programme for Petroleum Research - PETROMAKS2
Research to facilitate the utilisation of petroleum reserves to the benefit of society.

Large-scale Programme for Energy Research - ENERGIX
Research to generate clean energy systems for the future.

Large-scale Programme in ICT - IKTPLUSS

The primary objective of the IKTPLUSS initiative is to enhance quality, promote boldness in thinking and increase the relevance of Norwegian ICT research.
(by linking R&D investments to national frameworks and needs for ICT research and innovation)

Terminated Large-scale Programmes

The following Large-scale Programmes have been terminated and have been replaces bye new programmes:

  • Optimal Management of Petroleum Resources - PETROMAKS
  • Clean Energy for the Future - RENERGI
  • Functional Genomics - FUGE
  • Nanotechnology and New Materials - NANOMAT


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