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Key figures for the Research Council

The overall budget for the Research Council of Norway for 2015 was NOK 8 483 million.

The overall budget for the Research Council of Norway for 2015 was NOK 8 483 million. The Ministry of Research and Education and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries were the two largest funding sources, together providing over one-half of the Research Council’s financial means.

An overview over the Research Council’s distribution of allocations among subject fields, institutions, sectors, counties, funding instruments, recruitment positions and key activities during the period 2011–2015 may be found in the report “Forskningsrådet i tall 2015” and the tables compiled in “Forskningsrådet i tall 2015 – Tabeller og figurer”.

After a period of somewhat lower activity, particularly under the research programmes, there is now an increase in allocations from nearly all of the funding instruments. There has been a 19 per cent rise in allocations from the large-scale programmes from 2014 to 2015.The STIM-EU scheme to encourage increased participation in the EU framework programme among research institutes has seen a growth of NOK 85 million in 2015, which has contributed to an increase in public basic funding overall.

A rise in allocations from the programme Commercialising R&D Results (FORNY2020) and incentive schemes targeted towards the EU (support for positioning activities and Project Establishment Support) has contributed to a growth in commercialisation and networking measures.

The research institute sector is still the sector that receives the largest share of Research Council allocations, at 42 per cent, but this amount includes public basic funding.

The figure below illustrates the allocations from the Research Council, distributed by the most important sectors. In NOK million.

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Kari Anne Kristensen
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