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Institute evaluations

The Research Council is responsible for conducting evaluations of the research institutes that receive public basic funding via the Council.

The Research Council is responsible for strategic planning for the institute sector and for administering the public basic funding scheme for research institutes. This responsibility includes conducting evaluations and system assessments.

The purpose of the evaluations is to gain an overview of the status of the institutes and to identify any potential for improvement in the institutes' research activities with regard to:

  • quality, relevance, efficiency, flexibility and competence development;
  • cooperation, task distribution and internationalisation;
  • leadership, management, organisation and finances;
  • users’ assessment of the institutes’ execution of commissioned research activities.

The evaluations generate knowledge which the Research Council can incorporate into its input to the ministries on research institute policy and budget proposals, and can apply in its strategic planning efforts vis-à-vis the sector as a whole. The evaluations are also intended to be a tool for the institutes’ own strategic and scientific development efforts.


See the Norwegian-language webpage on the institute sector for a list of completed evaluations.