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Regulations on Impartiality and Confidence

The Research Council has a list of detailed provisions relating to impartiality and confidence and a set of established procedures for dealing with issues relating to impartiality and complaints.

To access the Regulations on Impartiality and Confidence, please click on the link in the column on the right.

The Impartiality and Appeals Panel is comprised of Research Council employees and serves in an advisory capacity to the Council's governing and advisory bodies, expert referees and the administration. The group assesses questions pertaining to disqualification and complaints in connection with applications for R&D funding based on the applicable legislation and the Research Council's internal guidelines.
The Appeals Committee is comprised of external representatives who are appointed by the Research Council Executive Board. The Appeals Committee deals with complaints relating to procedural errors or fundamental deficiency or shortcoming in the grounds underlying the exercise of academic, or expert discretion in connection with specific grant applications. The internal Impartiality and Appeals Panel is asked to provide input on complaints before they are submitted to the external committee.