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Department for Humanities and Social Sciences

Director: Christen Krogh

The Department for Humanities and Social Sciences works to promote quality in humanities and social science research. An open competitive arena for the highest-quality research, comprised of the FRIPRO independent project scheme and the Outstanding Young Investigator scheme, help to ensure that national knowledge levels will be adequate for meeting the societal and industrial challenges of tomorrow.

In the open competitions funding is awarded to the best research projects and groups across the entire spectrum of subject areas under the department. Subject-specific evaluations and follow-up also serve to enhance the quality of Norwegian research. The purpose of such evaluations is to conduct a critical review of scientific merit, research strategies and research management in the Norwegian research community, and on this basis to provide input to the institutions, government ministries and Research Council on how to target further development activities.

The department administers individual fellowships/grants and provides support for researcher mobility as part of its overall effort to create a framework for multi- and interdisciplinary research activities and promote international research collaboration.

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