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Research Council funding

The Research Council provides funding for activities ranging from projects and networking measures to centres of excellence and research infrastructure. We also provide support to promote the development of research expertise and efforts at institutions.

Funding is available to research institutions, including universities, university colleges and research institutes, and companies and public entities that are either carrying out their own research projects or cooperating with research institutions. See “General application requirements” and “Application types” for more information.

Research projects

Funding for research projects is awarded via the various research programmes, initiatives and schemes, such as the funding scheme for independent projects (FRIPRO) and the Programme for User-driven Research-based Innovation (BIA).

Basic allocation to research institutes

Approximately 50 research institutes receive a basic allocation from the state, and the Research Council has been given the responsibility for administering the public basic funding scheme.

This is not a rights-based scheme, and institutions that are not currently part of it may ask the Research Council to assess whether they meet the requirements.

Centre schemes

Research groups can join forces to apply for status as a designated centre of research, which entails funding for up to ten years. The centre schemes provide targeted funding for elite research.

The first round of funding was awarded for 13 Centres of Excellence in 2002. Since then there have been a number of centre-targeted funding announcements, and several types of centres have been established: Centres of Excellence (SFF), Centres for Research-driven Innovation (SFI), Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) and Norwegian Centres of Expertise (NCE).

The NCE scheme is administered as a collaboration between the Research Council, Innovation Norway and SIVA (the Industrial Development Corporation of Norway). 


The Research Council funds national investments in research infrastructure, including advanced scientific equipment, laboratories, and scientific databases and collections. To be awarded funding, the research infrastructure must be of widespread national interest and be found in only one or a few locations in Norway. It must be accessible to relevant users and lay the foundation for international cutting-edge research.

Networking measures

Some of the funding schemes/research programmes announce funding for networking measures. These encompass courses, conferences and other types of events, network agreements, international networking measures and other collaborative measures.

Consult the overview “Find calls for proposals” to see which funding announcements are currently active.

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