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Overseas Research Grants and Visiting Researcher Grants for projects funded under VAM

Personal visiting researcher grant

General requirements for Personal visiting researcher grant

Requirements and criteria for this type of application:

Projects funded under the VAM programme are eligible to apply for Personal Visiting Researcher Grants. Funding may be sought for research stays in Norway for international researchers with qualifications at the professor level. The purpose of inviting guest researchers is to strengthen Norwegian research groups in the field.

The Research Council allocates funding for Personal Visiting Researcher Grants in the form of a framework grant to cover additional expenses (not salary) at fixed rates (see instructions on the application form). The host institution itself must cover payroll costs for international visiting researchers who do not have a salary from their home country or who are not already receiving a salary from the main project.

Applications that do not satisfy the following requirements will not be processed:

  • The Research Council’s fixed rates for fellowship grants must be used when applying for a Personal Visiting Researcher Grant.
  • he Personal Visiting Researcher Grant being sought must be connected to a currently ongoing project under the VAM programme.
  • The project manager for the application for a Personal Visiting Researcher Grant must be the same as for the project to which the grant is connected.
  • The project number of the project with which the visiting researcher is affiliated must be stated in the grant application.
  • Funding for a visiting researcher will only be awarded within the project period.
  • The earliest permitted start-up date for a Personal Visiting Researcher Grant is three months from the date of submission of the application.
  • Confirmation from the visiting researcher’s institution and a CV for the visiting researcher must be attached to the grant application.

The project description must contain the following:

  • How the visiting researcher will participate in and be integrated into the research group and the project.
  • How the visiting researcher will help to enhance the quality of the project.
  • The anticipated results of the research stay.

Please also refer to the general application requirements for Personal Visiting Researcher Grants and to the Research Council’s rules for calculating payroll and indirect expenses.

Earliest permitted project start:
Minimum duration (months):
Maximum duration (months):

Administrative procedures:

Grant applications will be assessed on an ongoing basis with a processing time of up to two months. The programme board has given the chair of the board and the administration the authority to assess the applications. Applicants will be notified of the outcome on "My RCN web".

Anticipated date for notification of results of application process:

Up to two months after the application has been received.