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Up to NOK 1 million in funding for students with a knowledge-based business idea

Other support

General requirements for Other support

Requirements and criteria for this type of application:


Application requirements

Before starting on the grant application, please read through the " Guidelines for completing the template for project descriptions and the application form PDF - 514 KB " carefully. The guidelines provide detailed instructions for how to fill in the various items in the project description and application form, and offer some helpful tips and examples.

A complete grant application for STUD-ENT funding consists of the application form to be filled in on “My RCN web” and the following mandatory attachments in PDF format:

Letters/statements of intent may also be attached.

Grant applications that do not satisfy the purpose and framework of the call will be rejected. This will also be the case for applications that do not include the mandatory attachments (i.e. where these have not been uploaded and submitted together with the application form).

Assessment criteria

Grant applications will be assessed on the basis of the criteria defined in the document Assessment criteria for STUD-ENT 2017 PDF - 304 KB . This document provides detailed descriptions of the criteria on which each item in the project description will be assessed.


  • Funding is to cover the actual and approved project costs for a period of up to 12 months. The maximum hourly rate may not exceed .0012 of the nominal annual salary or NOK 1 100/hour. Please note that this is a ceiling rate, and it is only the actual costs that are to be entered in the accounts
  • The project account report connected to the final report must be prepared by a chartered accountant.
  • An auditor’s endorsement of the project account report may be required.
  • The company must not have more than 10 employees or be part of a corporation or group of companies.
  • Funding for STUD-ENT projects is granted in compliance with Article 22 of the General Block Exemption Regulation for state aid: Aid for start-ups.
  • For more information about the state aid rules, please see the information on the state aid rules on the Research Council website.

Disbursement and reporting

Disbursements from the Research Council to the company will take place in instalments of 50-30-20 per cent of the allocated amount.

  1. The first disbursement, which will be 50 per cent of the allocated amount, will be made once the revised grant application has been approved and the contract between the Research Council and the company has been signed.
  2. The second disbursement, which will be 30 per cent of the allocated amount, will be made after the mid-term report documenting the progress of the project in relation to the revised project plan has been approved.
  3. The third disbursement, which will be 20 per cent of the allocated amount, will be made after the final report has been submitted and approved
Earliest permitted project start:
Latest permitted project completion date:
Maximum duration (months):
Maximum funding amount sought (NOK thousands):

Administrative procedures:

Grant applications will be reviewed by an external referee panel in a two-phase process. In phase 1, the applications will be assessed by two referees independent of one another. In phase 2, applicants with the best qualified projects will be invited to present their project to the panel, followed by a round of questions and answers. For more information, see the document What happens next after you have submitted a STUD-ENT application?

Anticipated date for notification of results of application process:

15 May 2017