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Funds for field work in Svalbard, AFG

Other support

General requirements for Other support

Requirements and criteria for this type of application:

Formal requirements:

The application must be written in English and the submission must include the following  attachments (otherwise the application will be rejected):

  • Complete project description, no longer than 3 pages (optional template)
  • Itemised budget (mandatory template)
  • Confirmation form and cooperation description from the Norwegian institution (mandatory template)
  • CV for the intended recipient, maximum 1 page.

All templates, documents, HowTo and terms & conditions can be found on the SSF webpage:

Specific principles:

The AFG grants are personal and are intended for students (master’s and doctoral degree) and researchers who are studying/employed at or collaborating with a Norwegian institution. Candidates from non-Norwegian institutions are only eligible if the work is done in direct collaboration with a Norwegian scientific institution and beneficial to both parties.

The project must have a project administrator (scientific staff) from the Norwegian institution the candidate is associated with or, in case of a candidate from a non-Norwegian institute, collaborates with. The grant will be administrated by the Norwegian institution and the associated project responsible.

Funding can be sought for one named student/scientist only and, when necessary for safety reasons, one field assistant for the aforementioned scientific personal. The grant is personal and the application must be written by the intended recipient. The grant cannot be transferred to any other person or year. The applicant and the project must be registered in the Research in Svalbard database (RiS).

The grant solely covers supplementary costs for fieldwork on Svalbard and is not intended to provide full financing of projects. Applicants based in the research bases on Svalbard are eligible for the grant, also for fieldwork taking place in other parts of the archipelago. The grant only covers direct expenses in connection with field-based data collection for the project concerned and no more than 5% overhead for the institution. The overhead must be listed in the budget.

Assessment criteria:
The panel will evaluate the application on the following criteria (non-prioritized order)

  • relevance to the call
  • scientific quality and feasibility
  • SSF objectives and priorities

All projects must be registered and updated in the Research in Svalbard (RiS) database.

The application must be written in English. The application and attachments must follow the criteria and templates listed in the HowTo and terms & conditions. It is mandatory to read and follow the HowTo.

Earliest permitted project start:
Latest permitted project completion date:
Maximum funding amount sought (NOK thousands):

Administrative procedures:

Applications will be processed administratively by a panel composed of in-house staff plus external experts with extensive experience from Svalbard. The final funding decision is made by the Research Council of Norway’s administration. No individual feedback or grades or are available to applicants.

Anticipated date for notification of results of application process:

February 2019.