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Financial support to submit a new ERC grant proposal

Project establishment support

General requirements for Project establishment support

Requirements and criteria for this type of application:

Guidelines for completing the application form and attachments to the application

Applicants must create and complete an electronic grant application form. The following information is to be provided in the indicated fields:

  • Primary and secondary objectives of the project: to submit a new grant proposal to the ERC by a stipulated deadline.
  • Project summary: a two to four-line description of the planned ERC project.
  • Project period: from the date of submission of this application for support to the date of submission of the new ERC grant proposal. If the exact deadline at the ERC is not known, please enter an estimated date.   
  • Budget for use of the financial support in the project period.

Mandatory attachments

  Attachments are to be submitted in pdf-format.

  • A project description using the designated template (two to five pages): Word DOCX - 30 KB   or standardized format PDF - 70 KB .
  • Documentation from the ERC that the applicant had advanced to stage two but was not awarded funding.

Application assessment criteria

  • Does the applicant satisfy the formal eligibility requirements?
  • Does the application contain the necessary information?
  • Do the costs for which funding is sought comply with the guidelines for this call for proposals? (See the section under “What can the funding cover?”.)
Maximum funding amount sought (NOK thousands):

Administrative procedures:

Applications will be processed by the Research Council administration. Incomplete or deficient applications will be rejected.

Anticipated date for notification of results of application process:

Application processing normally takes four to six weeks.