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FORNY StudENT 2016 – pilot funding

Other support

General requirements for Other support

Requirements and criteria for this type of application:

Requirements for the grant application and project description

  • The grant application and  project description Word - 54 KB  may be submitted in Norwegian or English.
  • In the grant application the university or university college is to be the Project Owner (applicant institution) and the project administrator is to be a contact person at that institution. The project manager is to be the student for whom the institution is submitting an application.
  • The grant application and project description will be treated confidentially. The only exception to this is the project summary provided in the electronic application form, which must not contain information of a confidential nature and must be written in Norwegian.
  • The project description must be minimum three and maximum five pages. The designated template must be used.
  • CVs for the project manager and other key project team participants (maximum 1 A4 page each) must be attached to the grant application.
  • A signed letter confirming that the project owner/project manager has the necessary rights to the idea and to any background and technology necessary for implementing the project must be attached to the grant application.
  • Letters of intent/agreements from potential customers, industry partners or other partners must also be attached to the grant application.


  • Approved project costs comprise the actual costs for verifying the idea and clarifying the business-related issues involved, and which are entered into the project accounts by the Project Owner. These may include payroll costs, operating costs, equipment, procurement of services, and other costs.
  • The maximum hourly rate may not exceed .0012 of the nominal annual salary or NOK 1 100/hour. Please note that this is a ceiling rate, and it is only the actual costs that are to be entered into the accounts.
  • The project account report must be prepared by a chartered accountant.
  • An auditor’s endorsement of the project account report may be required.
  • Please note that in accordance with Article 22, the maximum support that may be awarded during the company’s first five years of operation is EUR 0.8 million. This applies to all public funding granted under this article. It is important that companies familiarise themselves with the rules in the General Block Exemption Regulation that apply to their company and project.

Additional requirements

Projects with a timeframe of more than six months must submit a mid-term report on the status of the project in relation to the planned activities and milestones described in the grant application. When assessing the report, importance will be attached to the progression of the project.

Upon project completion a final report is to be submitted describing the project results. The report must specify whether the results provide grounds for further commercialisation of the product, process or service. If so, the report must also briefly describe how this is to be accomplished.

For the spring deadline, the earliest permitted project start is 1 June 2016 and the latest permitted project start is 1 December 2016.

For the autumn deadline, the earliest permitted project start is 1 October 2016 and the latest permitted project start is 1 April 2017.

Earliest permitted project start:

Administrative procedures:

The grant applications will be assessed by a referee panel. Applicants with the best qualified projects will be invited to present their project to the panel, followed by a round of questions and answers.

Project presentations will take place 10th and 11th of November 2016. Applicants are asked to mark this off in their calendars now. The meetings will be held at the Research Council’s offices at Lysaker. The FORNY2020 programme board is responsible for final approval of grant allocations and will take the final decision in December 2016.

Networking meetings will be held and all projects are recommended to attend. The form, content and date of these gatherings will be announced at a later date.

Anticipated date for notification of results of application process:

The FORNY2020 programme board will publish the outcome of the application process in December 2016.