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Support for Events under the BEDREHELSE programme

Support for event

General requirements for Support for event

Requirements and criteria for this type of application:

In addition to the general requirements and guidelines for Support for Events, the following requirements and guidelines apply to this call for proposals:

Application requirements:

  • The conference should be an international researcher conference
  • Part of the funding for the conference must be provided by the Norwegian host institution.
  • The Research Council will cover up to 50 per cent of the total conference costs.
  • A minimum of NOK 100 000 and a maximum of NOK 250 000 in funding may be sought from the Research Council.
  • The conference must be held in Norway.
  • The grant application must be submitted a minimum of six months prior to the date of the event.
  • The project description is not to exceed five pages.
  • The grant application, including all attachments, may be submitted in Norwegian or English.

The grant application must include:

  • the scientific justification for the event;
  • a description of the target group for the conference and estimated number of participants;
  • a description of plans for disseminating information from the conference;
  • a preliminary conference programme;
  • the overall budget for the conference.

Grant applications that do not satisfy the requirements and guidelines specified above will be rejected.

Minimum funding amount sought (NOK thousands):
Maximum funding amount sought (NOK thousands):

Administrative procedures:

The BEDREHELSE programme board is responsible for final processing and approval of grant allocations.

Anticipated date for notification of results of application process:

Written notification of the funding decision will be sent to the applicant institution within three months of receipt of the grant application.