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Research programme on Welfare, Working Life and Migration (VAM)

Deadline Announcement
13:00 CEST
NOK 250 million for Researcher Projects in the field of welfare, working life and migration Choose
Open-ended Overseas Research Grants and Visiting Researcher Grants for projects funded under VAM Choose


The programme is to provide high-quality knowledge that improves society’s ability, means and capacity to address and resolve societal challenges pertaining to welfare, working life and migration.

The programme is to:

  • Provide a knowledge base for societal, sector and policy development.
  • Help to broaden understanding of development trends and social changes.
  • Contribute to an enlightened and engaged public sphere.
  • Help to find solutions to societal challenges.
  • Strengthen scientific and methodological quality and range.
  • Strengthen the international orientation of research activities and increase international collaboration.
  • Build expertise, increase capacity and strengthen strategic research areas.

Projects with funding

At present, these projects have received funding from the VAM-programme. The overview provides access to summaries and other key information on all the projects under the programme. (The overview may contain information in Norwegian.)

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