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Norwegian Educational Research towards 2020 (UTDANNING2020)

Deadline Announcement
The programme does not contain active announcements


Research is absolutely critical if the education sector is to continue to develop as a pillar of a modern knowledge society. The primary objective of the UTDANNING2020 programme is to strengthen educational research by promoting research of high scientific merit and to enhance the knowledge base for policy making, public administration, professional education and professional practice in order to optimise children’s, young people’s and adults’ development and learning. A variety of subject areas and research communities will be encouraged to conduct research on issues related to the education sector as well as areas of overlap in other sectors, including working life.

The programme provides funding for research in the following thematic priority areas:

A. Educational objectives, content, and teaching and working methods;
B. Assessment forms, learning processes and learning outcomes in education;
C. Management, administration and organisation of educational and research institutions;
D. Education and society.

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Universities, university colleges, independent research institutes and other publicly funded research groups.


2009 - 2014

Overall budget:

The programme has an overall budget framework of approximately NOK 200 million for the period 2009–2014.