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Funds for field work in Svalbard, AFG

Svalbard Science Forum allocates funding for fieldwork in Svalbard and Jan Mayen. The grant is awarded to researchers, Master and PhD students from, or collaborating with, Norwegian institutions.

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10.10.2018 13:00 CEST



Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

2 million NOK. Maximum 80.000 NOK pr. application (100.000 for Jan Mayen). Please see the budget template and guidelines for specific rates.

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:

The English call for proposals is the only version.

Svalbard Science Forum allocates funding for fieldwork in Svalbard and Jan Mayen to Master's students, PhD students and researchers from, or collaborating with, Norwegian institutions. The main priority is to support Master's students, PhD students  and researchers not currently established in Svalbard. For Master's and PhD students the collected field data must be necessary for and part of their thesis. The scholarship covers additional costs due to fieldwork location in Svalbard.

International and scientific collaboration and coordination are keystones in the SSF objectives. Applicants from non-Norwegian institutions are eligible for AFG if, and only if, the project is done in close cooperation with a Norwegian institution. The application must describe in detail how this collaboration takes place and the benefits to both parties in the short as well as the long run. Projects related to Ny-Ålesund/Kongsfjorden area must describe how they contribute and relate to the four SSF flagships (atmosphere, glaciology, Kongsfjorden and terrestrial systems). The application must also include a dissemination plan for the project including publications, outreach, data handling and sharing.

Mandatory requirements before beginning the application process: Both the applicant and the project must be registered in the Research in Svalbard database (RiS). Read all information in the call and on the SSF homepage (Terms & conditions, How-to, FAQ, confirmation form and templates):

Basic principles and important conditions for all types of funding announced by SSF:

Applications are open to both Norwegian and foreign students and scientists, but the grant will be administered by the Norwegian institution. The Norwegian institution will bear the economic and scientific responsibility for the project.

Funding can be requested for the period March 2019 to February 2020. Master students conducting fieldwork vital to their thesis in January and February 2019 can apply for funding in this call.

All supported projects must deliver a scientific (3 pages) and economic report by 1 November 2019. For projects with fieldwork after 1 October 2019 the deadline can be adjusted through prior agreement.