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Publication grants for national scientific journals for 2014

Production costs in connection with the publication of national scientific publications in the humanities and social sciences.

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10.04.2013 13:00 CEST



Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

Up to approximately NOK 2,5 million is available for allocation to scientific journals in 2014.

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:

The Norwegian-language funding announcement is the legally binding version.

Due to revision of the scheme for publication grants, it will only be possible to apply for support for one year: 2014.

To be eligible for funding and assessment by the Publications Committee, the following requirements must be satisfied:

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Publishing houses that publish scientific journals
  • The editorial management of scientific journals
  • Scientific associations that publish a journal

These grants are only available to Norwegian journals.

What do the grants cover?

  • Production costs in connection with the publication of periodic scientific publications, such as journals and yearbooks.
  • A lump-sum payment to cover the additional costs of paper-based journals seeking to transition to electronic publication. This applies only to journals already receiving a publication grant from the Research Council.
  • Funding to operate an open access journal.

Journal requirements

  • The objective of the journal must be to publish original articles of high scientific quality and to be registered as a scientific publication channel at level 1 or level 2 in the Norwegian Association of Higher Education’s list of scientific publication channels.
  • The journal must have a scientific basis in an institution, such as an association, foundation or research institution subject to national audit requirements.
  • The journal must have an editor and editorial board with research expertise that is appointed for a limited time period as well as a diverse national and, when relevant, international editorial council board that is responsible for the journal’s policies. Editorial responsibility for the journal will typically be passed among the research institutions. As an alternative, an editorial board consisting of members from several different research institutions may be appointed.
  • Journals that receive funding from the Publications Committee must enter into a contract with the journal’s contributors regarding their right to self-archive in open archives, in keeping with “The Research Councilâ??s Principles for Open Access to Scientific Publications”.
  • Journals that receive funding from the Publications Committee must register their open access policy in the SHERPA/RoMEO-database.
  • When the Research Council provides funding for the publication of a scientific journal, the grant may not be used to cover wages, royalties or other payments to the authors or editors.
  • The journal must attempt to gain the greatest possible readership within its research community through planned, targeted measures. The journal is required to have a potential scientific readership of at least 200 readers. The size of the active readership can be documented with subscription figures or registered relevant Internet traffic.

Grant applications that do not satisfy the requirements stated above will be rejected.

Amount and duration of funding

Funding may be sought for expenses related to the editorial, translation and copyediting, and design and layout processes, cf. the Research Council’s Form for Calculating Funding for a Scientific Journal. If publishing the manuscript requires additional costly equipment, illustrations and the like due to the scientific content, this may be calculated according to the rate for “illustrated publication”. Funding may also be sought in connection with illustration rights and the like. The science-based need for additional equipment, etc. must be explained in the project description.

There is no limit on the number of periods or years that a journal may receive funding. However, journals that receive funding are expected to make a concerted effort to improve the journal’s financial base.

An explanation must be provided if a journal that has previously received funding submits a new application and the amount sought is considerably higher than in previous years or major changes have been made to the budget compared with previous years.

For other guidelines and important information, please see the document entitled "Guidelines for Publication Grants - the Humanities and Social Sciences".