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Research Programme on Mental Health (PSYKISKHELSE)

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There is a need to intensify Norwegian research on mental health. Knowledge about causal relationships, prevention and treatment is lacking in several areas. The primary objective of the PSYKISKHELSE programme is to generate knowledge that is relevant to promoting the mental health of the population. Research activities are concentrated in three specific thematic priority areas during this programme period.

These thematic priority areas are: research on the mental health of children and adolescents; research on transcultural factors and mental health; and treatment research, including research on comorbid substance abuse and mental health disorders. In each of these areas, it will be important to promote a cross-disciplinary approach and national and international cooperation. Projects included in the programme’s portfolio must adequately incorporate gender perspectives and employ a user perspective with emphasis on patients’ and relatives’ own knowledge and experience.

Funding under the programme will primarily be channelled via investigator-driven projects, but the programme board may also decide to initiate projects in specific areas where a need for research has been identified. Conferences and other dissemination activities within the scope of the programme will also be organised.

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Universities, university colleges, research institutes and other publicly funded research groups.



Overall budget:

The overall budget for the entire programme period (2011-2015) is approximately NOK 175 million.