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NOK 110 million for research on the climate and Earth system

NOK 110 million is available for Researcher Projects to generate knowledge about the climate and Earth systems and help to improve projections for future natural and anthropogenic climate change. This includes key processes and links between the biosphere, geosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere or hydrosphere, as well as the role played by the polar regions.

See the individual calls for proposals for information about application form.

12.09.2018 13:00 CEST


This is a joint call for proposals issued by the KLIMAFORSK and POLARPROG programmes.

The call is available in Norwegian and English. The Norwegian-language call for proposals is the legally binding version.



Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

Within its NOK 110 million budget framework, the programme plans to provide funding for two large-scale, nationally coordinated Researcher Projects with a maximum budget of NOK 30 million each and a timeframe of three to four years, as well as an estimated four to eight smaller Researcher Projects that incorporate bold new thinking and with a maximum budget of NOK 10 million each, also with a timeframe of three to four years.

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:

Grant applications are to be submitted via the KLIMAFORSK programme. See complete call for proposals here.