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Programme on Social Science Petroleum Research (PETROSAM)

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Petroleum activities are of great importance to Norway. It is therefore essential to generate new, research-based knowledge about petroleum activities as well as to ensure ongoing recruitment of social science researchers to the petroleum research field.

The primary objective of the PETROSAM programme is to increase insight into petroleum activity in a societal context in order to provide the Norwegian petroleum authorities and petroleum industry with the best possible basis on which to devise policies and strategies. To ensure success, these efforts will be based on close cooperation with relevant user groups.

The PETROSAM programme has the following objectives:
The structural objective of the programme is to encourage the development of a stable, permanent and highly skilled Norwegian research environment in the field of social science-related petroleum research. The intention is to create dynamic scientific communities that can compete internationally within the programme's thematic areas.

The scientific objective of the programme is to generate knowledge in the following priority research areas:

  • Management of Norwegian oil and gas resources
  • International development trends and the value of Norwegian petroleum resources
  • Development in key petroleum provinces

There is a certain degree of overlap between these research areas, and projects that encompass several elements from different areas will also be eligible for funding under the programme.

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Independent research institutes, and universities and university colleges.



Overall budget:

The total budget is NOK 14-16 million per year.

Work Programme