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Programme for the Optimal Management of Petroleum Resources (PETROMAKS) — Terminated

Deadline Announcement
This programme has been terminated


The Programme for Optimal Management of Petroleum Resources (PETROMAKS) is one of the Research Council's Large-scale Programmes.

PETROMAKS will assist in implementation of the strategies and plans laid down by the government strategy initiative OG21 (Oil and Gas in the 21st century).

The overall objective of PETROMAKS is to enhance the next 50 years of oil-related activity and secure gas production in a 100-year perspective. It is crucial that the Norwegian petroleum industry be further developed as an internationally competitive industry; this will ensure that the sector continues to play a key role in the sustainable growth and financing of the Norwegian welfare society and promote sound management of Norway's natural resources.

PETROMAKS will focus on basic research and technological development, with special emphasis on the supply and service industry. An active, growing industrial cluster is needed to maintain the petroleum sector at a sustainable level. The Norwegian Continental Shelf is generally characterized as a mature oil province, although the northern part of the Norwegian shelf remains largely immature in terms of exploration and development.

PETROMAKS thematic areas for research and innovation are:

-Environmental technology for the future
-Exploration and reservoir characterization
-Enhanced recovery      
-Cost effective drilling and intervention
-Integrated operations and real time reservoir management
-Subsea processing and transportation
-Deep water and subsea production technology
-Gas technology
-Health, safety and work environment (HSE)

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Applications will be accepted from trade and industry, independent research institutes, and universities and university colleges.



Overall budget:

The PETROMAKS programme has an annual budget of approximately NOK 230 million.