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Funding for participation in the strategic processes of the ERA

Funding for Norwegian organisations to participate in forums/arenas/organisations/networks that provide input to various initiatives within the ERA. Funding is available for research areas not covered by schemes in the national programmes of the Research Council

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Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

A total of NOK 5 million has been set aside for this call for proposals. Funding is limited to a total of NOK 1 million per project, and may be awarded for up to three years of activity. This call will remain active until all the available funding has been awarded.

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:

Objective of the initiative
The objective is to promote Norwegian priorities and interests in the strategic planning efforts taking place in the EU arena. The initiative seeks to encourage and coordinate Norwegian participation in strategy processes and relevant forums within European research and innovation policy cooperation.

The purpose of the funding is to encourage Norwegian actors to participate in scientific forums, special interest organisations, etc. which serve as arenas for providing input to various initiatives within the European Research Arena (ERA). This includes the Horizon 2020 framework programme, technology platforms, Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI), Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), including Joint Technology Initiatives (JTI)) and similar initiatives.

Funding for strategic positioning activity is available via a variety of national programmes at the Research Council. The PES2020 scheme issues calls for proposals for strategic positioning activity in areas where no national programmes exist or in areas that are not encompassed by one or more of these programmes. See an overview of other calls for proposals from the Research Council.

Under this call for proposals, funding is available for participation in EU strategy processes. Funding is contingent on the existence of an active national coordination effort that can accommodate the establishment and operation of a national “EU shadow group” or similar group for the subject area. If a national group for information and coordination in the subject area has already been established, the funding may be used to expand the activities of this group into the EU arena. The projects awarded funding must promote overall national perspectives.

Norwegian research institutions, universities/university colleges, actors in trade and industry, special interest organisations with national impact and groups of above mentioned actors.

What can the funding be used for? 

Funding is available for the following activities:

• Payroll and indirect expenses relevant to the project and budgeted in accordance with the Research Council’s standard guidelines. The hourly rates are calculated on the basis of the nominal annual salary, with a maximum rate of .0012 of the nominal annual salary. Companies may calculate an hourly rate on the basis of a maximum rate of.0012 of the nominal annual salary and maximum NOK 1 100 per hour. Read more about the guidelines for payroll and indirect costs here.

• Payroll compensation for personnel or expenses related to temporary workers;

• Direct costs related to travel and accommodation/board in connection with relevant meetings;

• Participation in meetings, and a limited amount of activity for efforts preceding and following participation in EU forums, meetings and workshops (typically three to four days) and some limited follow-up activity by those in leadership roles;

• A limited amount of activity preceding and following the organisation of national “shadow group” meetings, information meetings and workshops;

• Organisational costs in connection with a national shadow group and information and coordination efforts.


Salary costs for employees in permanent positions at public universities, university colleges, institutions and government entities will not be covered.

Amount of support:
For applications from trade and industry, the Research Council may cover up to 50 per cent of eligible costs. For research institutions, the corresponding amount is 75 per cent. The amount of support to be provided will be assessed on an individual basis for each application.

The online application form must be used for all grant applications. Applications may be submitted in Norwegian or English. A brief project description (maximum five pages) Download DOCX - 23 KB using the designated template must be attached to the grant application and provide the following information:

• A brief description of the EU forum in which the applicant wishes to participate. Provide the name of the forum and the research area covered, the status of the forum, the applicant’s position in the forum and other relevant information.

• An overview of planned activities (including the number and type of meetings) with an attached budget (cost per activity) and progress plan.

• A description of the applicant’s own aims and how these fulfil the objective of the call for proposals.

• A brief summary of the applicant’s own relevant, ongoing national and international activity in the area.

• A brief description of how the project incorporates national perspectives. Provide the names of relevant national partners with their contact persons.

A CV for the project manager (maximum four pages) must be attached to the grant application.