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NOK 20 million for Researcher Projects and Young Research Talents on the thematic areas Geopolitics and Societal development in the High North

The NORRUSS Pluss programme is planning a call for proposals relating to specified thematic priority areas set out in the work programme. The application submission deadline will be 10 April 2019. Applicants must be an approved research organisation.

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10.04.2019 13:00 CEST


This call for proposals is currently available in an abridged version provided in order to inform applicants of our plans for the call. A full version of the call is expected to be published in January 2019. The call will become active 27 February 2019. You may then create and submit a proposal up to the deadline.



Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

NOK 20 million

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:

Which application types are we planning to announce funding for?

The Research Council of Norway is in the process of changing the application types that we use. 2019 will be a transition year where we take the first step in this effort. The application types Researcher Projects, Young Research Talents and Mobility Grants have several features in common: they support renewal and development in research across disciplines and thematic areas, the project manager must hold a doctorate, and businesses may not be collaborating partners in the projects.

In light of these common features, we will coordinate all calls for proposals for these application types under a single deadline: 10 April 2019. We will also be using the same application requirements and assessment criteria across all programmes and activities.

As a part of this, the NORRUSS Pluss programme is now planning a call for proposals for the following application types:

Application type Requirements relating to the project manager Project duration Amount sought
Researcher Project Approved doctorate or conferral of qualifications at associate professorship level. 3-6 years NOK 4-12 million
Young Research Talents Minimum 2 and maximum 7 years may have passed since the date of the defence of an approved doctorate. You must be under 40 years old.  3-4 years NOK 4-8 million

For information on the programmes and activities that are planning to announce calls for proposals for each of the three application types, see here. For information concerning the distinction between these application types and the application types Knowledge-Building Projects for Industry and Collaboration Projects on Societal Challenges and Business Development, please see here.

Objectives of the call for proposals

Priority will be given to projects addressing geopolitics and international relations in the High North and issues related to societal aspects in the circumpolar north. A more detailed description may be found in chapters 4.1.A Geopolitics and governance in the north and 4.1.C Social and economic development, business activity of the work programme. Under this call, grant applications should focus on the societal aspects of chapter 4.1.C.

Special requirements

Researcher Projects with a total budget of over NOK 6 million must include Ph.D. fellowships. 

Information concerning programme-specific requirements for applications and the elements to be emphasised when selecting proposals for funding will be available at a later time.

Who is eligible to apply?

All applications for Researcher Projects and Young Research Talents must be submitted by an approved Norwegian research organisation. The organisation must be the project owner in the application form, and must have approved submission of the application. For a list of approved research organisations, see the document Definition and specification of the concept "research organisation" in the column at the right-hand side of the page).

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