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Russia and the High North/Arctic (NORRUSS)

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The NORRUSS programme will contribute to the knowledge-building in Norway on Russia and on the High North. The programme, which is applicable to Norwegian research institutions, seeks to promote cooperation with leading researchers and institutions at an international level and thus contribute to the internationalisation of research. The programme should develop expertise within the Norwegian research community and contribute to the recruitment and strengthening of research communities in Norway, as well as the building of research networks. The programme will encourage interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research where appropriate. Both basic research and applied research will be important and combined macro and micro-level studies can be useful.

Primary objectives
• To develop long-term and strategic competence in Norway on High North relevant issues that have not been sufficiently scientifically explored and that are important to Norway. The research will produce knowledge in, about and for the High North and contribute to the creation of arenas for cooperation between Norwegian and international research communities on High North relevant issues.

• To develop long-term and strategic competence in Norway on Russia within the social sciences and humanities, as well as research cooperation with Russia. The research will produce knowledge on how political, economic and social factors affect Russian policy and decision-making, and should encompass issues of relevance to the whole of Russia, beyond merely the High North.

• To develop new knowledge on foreign policy issues of special relevance to the High North/Arctic, with a focus on the interests of China, Japan, South Korea and India in this region, and with the objective to strengthen international research cooperation with leading Asian research institutions.

Secondary objectives
• To improve and strengthen Norwegian research and develop long-term, strategic expertise by strengthening researcher recruitment as well as funding for doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships.

• To generate knowledge that can provide answers to relevant research questions through applied research and empirical field work.

• To generate knowledge that can provide answers to profound research questions through systematic, basic research based on solid theoretical work.

• To actively disseminate research findings to political authorities, public administrations, trade and industry, as well as other groups involved in Norwegian-Russian cooperation and concerned with international issues in the High North.

• To support projects within different disciplines such as: political science, sociology, economy, law, history, media-studies, and social policy.

• To promote international research cooperation and networking with established research institutions.

• To promote links across different types of research, disciplines and sectors. Therefore, projects are expected to take a multi-disciplinary approach, where appropriate, and are to encourage innovative methodologies.

• To generate R&D findings of high scientific calibre (publications in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals or books by academic publishers), publications in other scientific or professional media, and papers presented at international conferences.

Projects with funding

At present, these projects have received funding from the NORRUSS-programme. The overview provides access to summaries and other key information on all the projects under the programme. (The overview may contain information in Norwegian.)



This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Norwegian research institutions/-institutes, universities and colleges.


2012 - 2016

Overall budget:

NOK 105 Million