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Russia and the High North/Arctic (NORRUSS)

Deadline Announcement
13:00 CEST
10 million for up to 4 year researcher projects on Geopolitical processes as well as Clean Ocean /mapping and characterization of marine litter. Choose
13:00 CEST
18 million for researcher projects that analyse Russian domestic politics, regional and demographic differences and Russian macroeconomics Choose
13:00 CEST
12 million to projects that build research competence on domestic-foreign policy in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia Choose
13:00 CEST
10 million for up to 2 year researcher projects on issues with current policy relevance on Geopolitics as well as Sustainable Societal Development in the High North Choose



The NORRUSS Pluss programme seeks to expand, reinforce and renew the scope of the research being conducted by Norwegian research institutions on a wide range of issues related to the High North and Russia. Furthermore, the programme will benefit research on relevant issues in countries as Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. The programme, which is applicable to Norwegian research institutions, seeks to promote cooperation with leading researchers and institutions at an international level and thus contribute to the internationalisation of research. The programme encourage interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research where appropriate. 

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Norwegian research institutions/-institutes, universities and colleges.


2017 - 2023

Overall budget:

Total budget 2017-2023 85 million NOK

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