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NOK 1 million for conferences, seminars or workshops associated with research on international development

Up to NOK 1 million is available under the NORGLOBAL 2 programme for national and international dissemination measures for research on international development. Events must be of clear relevance to topics within the scope of the NORGLOBAL 2 programme.

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This is an open-ended call for proposals. Grant applications will be processed on an ongoing basis for as long as funding remains available. You may create and submit grant applications until 1 April 2019. If the call is revised, we will provide notification here



Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

Up to NOK 1 million.

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:

Purpose of the call

The event must be of clear relevance to topics within the scope of the NORGLOBAL 2 programme and is to promote communication between researchers and potential users of research-based knowledge. The event must be well planned and involve multiple organisations. The application must describe how the organisations involved will contribute to the event.

Under this call for proposals, you may apply for funding for planning and carrying out the event in addition to funding to cover travel costs for the keynote speakers.

For conferences involving more than 100 participants it is also possible to apply for funding to cover travel and accommodation costs for young researchers (doctoral and postdoctoral fellows) from developing countries. Steps must be taken to ensure gender balance among those awarded this support. 

Funding will not be provided for travel and accommodation costs for conference participants.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applications will only be accepted from approved Norwegian research organisations (For a list of approved research organisations, see the document Definition and specification of the concept “ research organisation PDF - 277 KB ”.

Which factors are given priority when selecting projects to receive funding?

To be eligible for funding, grant proposals must satisfy all requirements relating to the project manager, grant application and attachments (see part 3 of this call). In addition, the proposal must be assessed as fulfilling the purpose(s) of the call.
Priority will be given to projects that are led by women project managers, assuming all factors relating to scientific merit and relevance relative to the call for proposals in competing grant applications are assessed as being essentially equal.

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