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Call for proposals on poverty and development, Povpeace

23 million NOK are allocated to strengthen Norwegian research within the areas of poverty reduction and development. Norwegian research institutions can apply. International cooperation, especially with the South, is strongly encouraged.

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01.09.2010 13:00 CEST



Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

Approximately 23 million kroner will be available for Poverty research.

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:

The programme component on poverty aims to contribute to improved understanding of the processes and mechanisms that lead to poverty, with particular focus on research that may provide relevant knowledge for poverty reduction strategies: locally, nationally or internationally, with a special focus on those trapped in the worst forms of poverty in vulnerable countries (e.g. individuals affected by particular class, gender or ethnic relations).

The programme will particularly welcome proposals that address the following topics:

• Poverty, unemployment, labour markets, job creation, migration and unrecorded economic activities, as well as a focus on those typically excluded from statistical or policy view;
• The effect of development aid on wealth distribution and poverty;
• Mechanisms of inclusion of deprived people in growth and development through either welfare and social policies or trade, investment and growth, including their relation to income inequality.

Please refer to the Povpeace Programme Plan PDF - 94 KB  and Action Plan 2010-11 PDF - 48 KB   for further details. The maximum size of each proposal is 5 million NOK and the project period is of maximum three years duration. Cooperation with institutions in the South is strongly encouraged. Applicants are recommended to attach a detailed budget, specifying North-South allocation if relevant. The proposals must include thorough plans for dissemination (both academic and popular), networking and internationalisation. Applications that include new networks and/or partners within relevant academic fields are especially welcome. Proposals should meet high academic standards and have relevance for development policies in the North and in the South.