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NOK 27 million for Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector in the field of nanotechnology

Companies may seek funding for projects with start-up in 2018 and a duration of up to four years. This call encompasses all thematic areas described in the work programme.

Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector Choose
11.10.2017 13:00 CEST


• An Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector may qualify for a tax deduction under the SkatteFUNN R&D Tax Incentive Scheme ; however, the total amount of public support awarded must be in compliance with the state aid rules.

• Various types of support may be announced exclusively for companies that have been awarded funding for an Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector under this call. These may include, for example, course offerings and additional support for further development of project results.

• Projects recommended for funding will be requested to submit further information about the project itself and the project partners.



Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

NOK 27 million is expected to be available for new Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector with start-up in 2018. This funding will be distributed over a project period of maximum four years. Under the NANO2021 programme it may be applied for 3–10 million in funding from the Research Council, which comprises normally 40–50 per cent of approved project costs. Support awarded by the Research Council must be in compliance with the state aid rules.

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:

An Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector involves research activities that are necessary for the participating companies to succeed in implementing an innovation (value-creating renewal). The project must develop new knowledge through industrial research and/or experimental development. Projects may not include analyses of markets or competitors. Funding from the Research Council is intended to trigger efforts, actions and/or ripple effects that would not be achieved if the support had not been granted.

Target groups and types of projects

This call for proposals is targeted towards companies that have been officially issued an enterprise number under the Register of Business Enterprises.

Projects under the NANO2021 programme generally have a project period of 3–4 years.

Thematic guidelines

This call for proposals encompasses all of the thematic priority areas as described in the work programme.

Item 19 in the template for the project description for Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector must indicate the thematic priority area(s) towards which the grant application is targeted.

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)) is an important perspective for the Research Council in general and is a strategic priority under the NANO2021 programme. RRI refers to an approach in which research, technology development and innovation are viewed as socially interwoven processes, rather than parallel or isolated development pathways. The NANO2021 programme aims to derive maximum positive benefits for society from research and innovation and works to ensure that research, technology development and innovation do not result in unintended negative impacts and risks.

Grant proposals must indicate how the project complies with the RRI perspectives. The document RRI Recquirements for NANO2021 grant applications 2017 PDF - 192 KB  describes the inclusion of required and optional RRI topics in grant applications. Recommendations and examples are available in the document RRI FAQ about NANO2021 grant applications 2017 PDF - 288 KB . The Research Council’s document presenting the framework for Responsible Innovation, A Framework for Responsible Innovation (RRI) PDF - 562 KB , provides a general description of this theme.

Prerequisites for funding

Grant applications must satisfy the following criteria in order to be considered for funding under the NANO2021 programme:

  • The grant application must describe how the project incorporates the strategic objectives and priorities of the applicant company.
  • All financial and other contributions to the project must be clarified.
  • Projects must include the participation of at least one partner that has established research and/or business activities in Norway. Each partner must have a clearly defined role in the project.
  • The grant application must include a separate attachment describing relevant RRI-related questions regarding health, safety and environment (HSE), legislation, regulations and guidelines as well as any planned measures to enhance dialogue and involvement.


Assuming that all factors relating to scientific merit and relevance are essentially equal, priority will be given to projects led by women project managers.

For companies having submitted a project outlines

Companies that have submitted a project outline must indicate the outline number under item 19 of the template for project descriptions for the complete application.