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Support for events and networks under the NANO2021 programme

The NANO2021 programme will provide partial funding for scientific events and networks to encourage activities that promote national and international contacts within the programme’s thematic priority areas.

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The closing date for submission of applications for this call is 5 April 2019. A new call for proposals will be available in May.



Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

Up to NOK 100 000 in funding is available per event and up to NOK 200 000 in funding is available per network over a period of two years.

The overall budgetary framework for this call for proposals is up to NOK 1,3 million per year. The programme will work to distribute funding as equally as possible each year, but this will depend in part on the grant proposals received.

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:

The Norwegian-language call for proposals is the legally binding version.

Funding under this call for proposals is targeted towards measures to promote meeting places and network-building.
The focus of the event or network must lie within the NANO2021 programme’s thematic priority areas.

Grant proposals for events or networks that encourage mobilisation and closer ties between national research and innovation environments, including the involvement of participants from user groups and/or the public administration, will be viewed in a positive light. Events or networks designed to serve as a meeting place for the dissemination of research results, the development of knowledge and methods and/or the launching of new projects will also be viewed in a favourable light.

The Research Council must be permitted to employ profiling measures such as the inclusion of its logo on invitation materials or a presentation of the NANO2021 programme in various contexts in connection with the events and networks awarded funding under this call for proposals.

Applicants are asked to provide the following information in their grant proposals:
• In what way does the event or network address the priorities of the NANO2021 programme?
• What is the target group of the event or network?
• To what degree will the event or network promote closer ties between various R&D players in the university and university college sector, independent research institute sector, trade and industry and other interested parties?
• To what extent does the event or network have an international profile?
• To what extent does the event or network promote participation in international policy and research cooperation within the programme’s thematic priority areas?
• To what extent does the event or network promote the coordinated dissemination of research results to different target groups?


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