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Norwegian environmental research towards 2015 (MILJØ2015)

Deadline Announcement
The programme does not contain active announcements


The MILJO2015 programme is designed to generate new, research-based knowledge to promote the sustainable use and management of the natural and cultural environments. Research activities will provide greater knowledge about the impact of various factors on the environment, as well as facilitate a more accurate understanding of critical limits regarding the use of natural and environmental resources, how to balance respect for these limits with other considerations, and how to designate and implement policy and instruments that will provide lasting solutions to environmental problems.
The programme’s primary objectives are to:

  • Cultivate new knowledge about key processes in our biosphere and society that are relevant to the sustainable use and management of the environment.
  • Acquire knowledge for action – knowledge about which forms of action and regulation may help to improve the environment and how these can or should be generated.
  • Encourage comprehensive, high-calibre environmental research and secure the basis for effective environmental observation systems.

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Universities, university colleges and independent research institutes, as well as the public authorities and the business sector when user-oriented funding instruments are employed under the programme.



Overall budget:

Approximately NOK 70 million per year.