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2nd Joint Call for Proposal in Maritime Research between Singapore and Norway

Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) and the Research Council of Norway (RCN) invite Singaporean and Norwegian research institutions to submit joint research proposals within fields of maritime research.

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12.09.2018 13:00 CEST


Important information:
Due to a previous inconsistency of the stated maximum number of pages for the project description, the maximum number of pages for the project description is now set to 15 pages, not 10.

The English-language call for proposals is the legally binding version. This call for proposal is in English language only.

Contact person Singapore Maritime Institute: Kabeer Ismail ( – +65 6270 2841



Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

NOK 15 million is available from RCN for Norwegian partners and SGD 2.5 million is available from SMI for the Singaporean partners.

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:

The call will be open for collaborative projects involving research groups (universities, university colleges and research institutions) from Singapore and Norway. Norwegian partners will be supported by RCN and Singaporean partners will be supported by SMI. Other international research groups may also participate in these projects with own funding

Research challenges

The call is in the field of maritime research where the research topics are Maritime Digitalisation, Autonomous Systems and Vessels and Green Shipping. The applications should (i) have a strong research element; (ii) be relevant to industry; and (iii) address, but not limited to, the challenges listed below. Priority will be given to applications addressing one or more of the challenges listed below.

Maritime Digitalisation:

  • Digitalisation of shore-side decisions and manual processes, and digital integration with government/regulator portals or other relevant stakeholder for licenses, certifications etc.
  • Optimised planning (including just-in-time-arrival) of logistics and port operations using digitalisation and data analytics
  • Research gap analysis for future needs such as integrated system or development of digital twin
  • Meta-Studies and stakeholder analysis for data normalisation
  • Safe and secure ship-to-shore communication

Autonomous Systems and Vessels:

  • Safety and risks for mixed environment (autonomous and manned vessel) operations
  • Design and operability for unmanned vessels – Unmanned operation changes the framework and constraints with regards to design, optimization and operability limits
  • Optimized planning and operation of mixed fleets – passengers as well as cargo, in local and regional areas based on introduction of emerging technologies such as autonomy and digitalisation
  • Shared, distributed situation awareness and operation coordination for autonomous vessels and systems
  • Ship-board enablers and systems for remote operations and management
  • Developing new performance standards, skill requirements and assessments for remote fleet operators
  • Virtual and augmented reality in shore-side training and operations of remote controlled vessels

Green Shipping:

  • Complying to more stringent regulations on emissions using systems and technologies on-board ships for emission reduction (energy systems, hybrid systems, scrubber technology, waste heat recovery)
  • Improving energy efficiency through technical operations and optimized logistics planning

The project description must contain a description of which challenge(s) the project address and how the project will contribute to solve this challenge.

Registration of Interest

Eligible applicants are invited to register their interest in the above topics and research challenges, which will facilitate the match-making between Singaporean and Norwegian partners. The registration can be done by filling in the details in the excel sheet XLSX - 14 KB and submitting to the following:

Registration of interest will close 2 weeks after the launch of the Joint call, i.e. on 29 June 2018. Interested Singaporean and Norwegian applicants will be provided with the information and contact details of relevant applicants from the other country.

Assessment criteria

This call will mainly use the requirements for "Researcher Project". However, in this call, the assessment will focus on the following criteria (which will be assessed by international experts):

  • Scientific merit
  • The project manager and project group
  • Implementation plan and resource parameters
  • Bilateral cooperation (between Singapore and Norway)
  • Relevance and benefit to trade and industry
  • Overall mark from the referee
  • Relevance relative to the call for proposals

Projects must also demonstrate true cooperation between Norwegian and Singaporean researchers.

Note that a specific designated template for the project description DOCX - 22 KB is provided and shall be used for this call.

What types of activities are eligible for funding

Funding may be sought for researcher type projects of industrial relevance. The projects can have a duration of up to 5 years, including dissemination and network activities (workshops, conferences). The proposed projects should have maximum funding of:

  • NOK 5 million per project from RCN for the Norwegian partners
  • SGD 850, 000 per project from SMI for the Singaporean partners

RCN will cover up to 100% of the total Norwegian cost and SMI up to 100% of the total Singaporean cost. Cost for industrial partners will not be covered. The scope of the project should be realistic within the timeframe and budget limitations of the project.

Who can apply

Joint proposals must be developed in cooperation between research institutions in Norway (see list of approved  research organisations in Norway PDF - 717 KB and  research institutions in Singapore PDF - 161 KB in Singapore). Each proposal should have one Norwegian responsible partner (RP) and one Singaporean responsible partner. In Norway, the responsible partner is the Project Owner (applying institution) and in Singapore the responsible partner is the Principal Investigator. The Project Owner in Norway will be the contract partner with RCN and the Principal Investigator in Singapore, the contract partner with SMI.