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Personal Overseas Research Grants, Personal Visiting Researcher Grants and Support for Events

The KLIMAFORSK programme is announcing funding for research stays abroad, visiting researcher stays in Norway and events that promote the scientific and strategic objectives of the programme. A total of up to NOK 2 million is available for all three types of support. This is an open call.

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25.05.2016 13:00 CEST



Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:


The grant proposals must support the framework of KLIMAFORSK programme plan.

Grant applications may be submitted for research stays and events that will take place at the end of 2016 or during the course of 2017. (Please see earliest permitted project start.)

When applying for Personal Visiting Researcher Grants and Personal Overseas Research Grants, funding may only be sought for travel expenses and accommodation at fixed rates. Support for Events is limited to maximum NOK 60 000. Funding may only be sought for direct expenses relating to the event.

Please see the Research Council’s requirements and guidelines for these types of applications.


  • The project owner (formal pllicant) must be a Norwegian institution, and must supply the name of the designated project administrator.
  • The application for all application types must include a project description and a CV from project leader. In addition, applications for personal overseas research grant and personal visiting grant must include CV for researcher and grant candiate.
  • The project description is not to exceed 5 pages, including the list of references. CV with publication lists is not to exceed 4 pages.
  • The page format for the project description should be A4 with 2 cm margins, 12 point font and single spacing. For references and figure text, font size 9 can be used.
  • The grant proposal may we written in Norwegian or English.
  • The call is available in both Norwegian and English.

The grant proposal will be evaluated relative to the assessment criteria that apply to the particular type of application, and the requirements and principles set out in the call for proposals.

Grant applications that do not satisfy all the requirements listed for the application type and/or stipulated in the call for proposals will be rejected.

The Norwegian-language call is the legally binding version.