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The Large-scale Programme on Climate Research (KLIMAFORSK)

Deadline Announcement
13:00 CEST
NOK 40 million for climate-related Researcher Projects within an open thematic framework Choose


The Large-scale Programme on Climate Research (KLIMAFORSK) is a broad-based, open-ended research programme aimed at providing new, future-oriented knowledge of national and international significance.

The programme is designed to generate knowledge about natural and anthropogenic climate change, the impacts of climate change on nature and society, and how society can and should be restructured to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change.

The primary objective of the KLIMAFORSK programme is to promote outstanding climate research and generate essential knowledge about the climate for the benefit of society.

The programme’s scientific and structural secondary objectives will advance the achievement of its primary objective.

Scientific secondary objectives

The programme will fund research activities in all subject fields and disciplines to:

  1. Increase knowledge about natural and anthropogenic climate change;
  2. Improve knowledge about the impacts of climate change on nature and society;
  3. Enhance knowledge about the transition to a low-emission society and adaptation to climate change.

Structural secondary objectives

The KLIMAFORSK programme will cooperate with other research funding instruments and target its own funding announcements and grant allocations to develop an effective project portfolio, and will work to:

  1. Promote cooperation and task distribution in climate research;
  2. Encourage boldness in scientific thinking and scientific innovation in research projects;
  3. Enhance the international profile and contribution of Norwegian research groups;
  4. Foster the development of a new generation of climate researchers;
  5. Expand expertise and applicable knowledge in society;
  6. Facilitate targeted communication and dissemination activities;
  7. Increase the use of available data and research infrastructure.

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

The programme accepts grant applications from Norwegian research institutes, universities, university colleges and other research environments, in addition to trade and industry and users in the private and public sectors.



Overall budget:

The KLIMAFORSK programme has a budget of roughly NOK 150 million per year.