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National graduate-level researcher schools in humanities (ISPHUM)

Deadline Announcement
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As part of the follow-up to the Evaluation of the Humanities in Norway, the Research Council is announcing funding of up to NOK 26 million for national graduate-level researcher training schools. The researcher schools are designed to strengthen national cooperation on researcher training, in keeping with the recommendations of the evaluation for greater collaboration among scholars in different institutions in Norway.

The researcher schools are to increase the quality and capacity of researcher training by providing doctoral students with better course offerings and wider access to researcher networks and academic supervision, as well as by expanding the international orientation of the educational programme.

The researcher schools must be based on binding cooperation in a network of research environments comprised of universities, university colleges and/or research institutes. The Project Owner must be an educational institution that is entitled to confer doctoral degrees in the relevant field. 

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Universities, university colleges and research institutes.



Overall budget:

NOK 26 million