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Mandatory outlines as the basis for grant applications for research infrastructure

The Research Council of Norway is accepting mandatory outlines as a prerequisite for submission of applications for funding under the National Financing Initiative for Research Infrastructure (INFRASTRUKTUR). The deadline for submitting the mandatory outline is 15 May 2018. The deadline for the main call for proposals will be 10 October 2018. Only applicants who have submitted a mandatory outline by the deadline of 15 May 2018 will be eligible to seek funding under the main call.

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This is a preliminary version of the call for mandatory outlines. The Research Council reserves the right to make minor revisions to the text of the call and related documents up to when the final call becomes active.

The project title, summary and names of partners and contact persons listed in the various outlines will be made publicly available. By submitting the mandatory outline, the Project Owner agrees to the disclosure of this information.

The Norwegian-language call for proposals is the legally binding version. The deadline for submission of project outlines is 15 May 2018, 13:00 CEST.



Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

There is no funding available under this call for outlines. Up to NOK 700–900 million in funding will be available for allocation under the main call for proposals for the application deadline of 10 October 2018, 13:00 CEST.

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:

In the first phase of the application process for funding under the National Financing Initiative for Research Infrastructure (INFRASTRUKTUR), applicants are required to submit mandatory outlines. The main aim of the submission of mandatory outlines is to promote better national coordination and interaction between different institutions and research infrastructures. Therefore, the Research Council will publish the project titles, project summaries and the names of partners and contact persons listed in the outlines to make it easier for research groups with similar infrastructure needs to contact one another and cooperate on proposals under the main call for proposals. The submission of outlines phase will also help the Research Council to tailor the assessment process for the final application phase.

The research infrastructure described in the outline and for which funding will be sought under the main call must support the development of research areas of national priority and industries of national importance with a need for access to relevant research infrastructure. The framework for the Research Council’s prioritisation of research infrastructure investments in different areas is described in the following documents:

Funding may also be allocated to other types of infrastructure of relevance to basic and/or applied research of particularly high calibre and strategic relevance.

The mandatory outlines submitted, as well as the main call for proposals, must involve research infrastructures that are so well prepared that investment can begin during 2019. The Research Council may award funding for research infrastructure for a period of up to five years.

What type of research infrastructure is eligible for funding under the main call?
Please refer to the document, Eligible for funding PDF - 450 KB for a detailed description of the costs that are eligible for funding. In general, funding may be sought for the following:

  • establishment and/or upgrades of all types of research infrastructures of national importance as defined in the strategy document “Tools for Research – Part I: National Strategy for Research Infrastructure 2018‒2025)” (to be published in March 2018);
  • coordination and adaptation of shared services based on existing research infrastructures;
  • upgrade or expansion of existing infrastructures of national importance.

The call also encompasses Norwegian participation in international infrastructures, including infrastructures on the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructure (ESFRI) Roadmap.

In special cases, basic funding to cover operating costs may be provided. For details, please refer to “Tools for Research - Part I (2018–2025)” (to be published in March 2018).

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