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AQUACULTURE - An Industry in Growth (HAVBRUK)

Deadline Announcement
13:00 CEST
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Primary objective

  • To acquire knowledge to achieve economically, environmentally and socially sustainable growth in Norwegian aquaculture.
  • To enable Norwegian research groups to develop knowledge at the international forefront.

Secondary objectives
The programme will fund both basic research and applied research activities as a means of generating new knowledge and innovation to ensure that:

  • Norwegian aquaculture is environmentally sustainable and promotes well-functioning coastal communities;
  • Norwegian production fish are healthy and production satisfies the most stringent requirements for animal welfare;
  • Feed and feed ingredients used in Norwegian aquaculture are derived from sustainable sources and yield safe and healthful seafood;
  • Norwegian aquaculture encompasses a diversity of species;
  • The Norwegian aquaculture industry is the world’s foremost in development and use of environment-friendly technology;
  • Norwegian production fish are robust and tolerant to changes in environmental and production conditions.

Target groups

  • The aquaculture industry, including the supplier industry, various customer groups and other stakeholders;
  • Research environments in Norway (e.g. universities, university colleges, independent research institutes and private institutions);
  • The authorities – as they are responsible for resource management and for laying the foundation for industrial development;
  • Educational environments offering research-based training targeted towards the aquaculture sector.

Priority production species for the HAVBRUK programme

  • Highest priority will be given to salmon and rainbow trout;
  • Of the new species for commercialisation, priority will be given to cod;
  • Funding may also be allocated to research projects on other species where the aquaculture industry or the government administration is involved. (Innovation Projects)

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

The aquaculture industry, including the supplier industry, research institutes, universities and university colleges.



Overall budget:

The total budget for the overall programme period is approximately NOK 1.1 billion in public funding. Funding from industry (e.g. funding from the Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund (FHF) or in-kind contributions in connection with Knowledge-building Projects and Innovation Projects) is not included in this sum.

Annual allocations to new projects:
Budget 2014: NOK 35 million
Budget 2013: NOK 28.5 million
Budget 2012: NOK 20 million

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