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Pre-projects to develop innovation projects for the health, care and welfare services

Public sector and research institutions are invited to seek funding for pre-projects to develop innovation projects as part of the effort to enhance the role of research in promoting innovation in these services.

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17.02.2016 13:00 CET



Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

Up to NOK 3 million.

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:

The Norwegian-language call for proposals is the legally binding version.

The pre-project must lay the foundation for the preparation of an application for the call for proposals for Innovation Projects for the Public Sector. The call for proposals for the main projects is scheduled with an application deadline in October 2016.

Funding may be sought for pre-projects to develop innovation projects within all of the thematic priority areas set out in the HELSEVEL work programme. The projects must be designed to achieve the objectives described in the work programme.

Separate funding has been set aside for projects that promote universal design and accessibility for people with disabilities.

A pre-project may involve various types of preparatory work, activities and measures needed to clarify important factors that are critical to realising the project concept. Pre-projects are intended to reduce risk and determine whether the project concept is feasible as a main project. For example, pre-projects may be used to establish collaborative constellations and conduct preliminary studies. The aim for the pre-project is to result in a grant application for an innovation project.

The objective of an innovation project is to stimulate R&D activity in the public sector that promotes innovation and sustainable value creation within the sector and for its users. Innovation projects require close collaboration between various actors in central and municipal government administration, service providers and R&D groups, and may also include collaboration with the business sector.

Research can play different roles in innovation processes and innovation projects. The HELSEVEL programme seeks to encourage both research-based innovation and innovation with researcher participation. Research-based innovation is understood as innovation in which research results form the basis for innovation projects, whereas innovation with researcher participation refers to innovation in which researchers provide their expertise to ongoing innovation processes.