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The Large-scale Programme on Health, Care and Welfare Services Research (HELSEVEL)

Deadline Announcement
The programme does not contain active announcements


The Initiative on Practice-based R&D for the Health and Welfare Services (PraksisVEL) is part of the HELSEVEL programme and has a designated strategic plan which is an attachment to the HELSEVEL work programme.


The HELSEVEL programme will promote research and innovation that enhances quality, competency and efficiency in the health, care and welfare services.
Through focus on the four secondary objectives, the programme will:

i) enhance the quality and international orientation of health, care and welfare services research;
ii) strengthen the foundation for knowledge-based education and professional practice, both for the individual sector and across sectors, by conducting practice-based, practice-oriented services research, especially in under-researched areas;
iii) generate new knowledge that benefits users/patients and the services and that creates synergies and greater coherence in services research and innovation for the health, care and welfare services;
iv) establish new arenas of cooperation by bringing together researchers, service providers and users from various service areas across the health and welfare sector.

Please also refer to the HELSEVEL work programme (see link at right).

Projects with funding

These projects are all part of the HELSEVEL programme portfolio. Some of them were awarded grants under previously existing programmes. The overview provides a summary and other key information of relevance for each project. (The overview may contain information in Norwegian.)

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Universities, university colleges, research institutes, other publicly funded research organisations, the public sector and the non-governmental sector.



Overall budget:

The annual budget framework for the programme is roughly NOK 203 million.