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Independent basic research projects (researcher initiated) - Social Sciences (FRISAM)

Deadline Announcement
The programme does not contain active announcements


The funding scheme for independent basic research projects (FRIPRO) comprises a national competitive arena in which scientific merit is the decisive criterion for determining which projects will be awarded funding. This open arena enables the Research Council to provide funding to the research projects that are best in scientific terms independent of whether the research is theoretical or application-oriented and regardless of whether the research topic or research field is encompassed under the Council’s established priority focus areas.

Only one grant application may be submitted per project manager in connection with funding for independent projects for 2013. This rule does not apply to grant applications for Support for Events.

A project manager may not seek funding for a Researcher Project if he or she is already heading an ongoing Researcher Project under the FRIPRO scheme. (Please refer to the requirements and guidelines for Researcher Projects.)

Grant applications must be submitted to one of the following activities:

Independent Projects – Humanities (FRIHUM)
Independent Projects – Medicine, Health Sciences and Biology (FRIMEDBIO)
Independent Projects – Mathematics, Physical Science and Technology (FRINATEK)
Independent Projects – Social Sciences (FRISAM)

The grant proposal will be processed by the activity to which it has been submitted. When there are scientific reasons to do so, the Research Council may, in consultation with the applicant, decide to redirect the grant proposal to another activity for processing.

For more information about calls for proposals for the various activities and assessment of grant applications, please see the FRIPRO webpages.

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Norwegian research institutions (universities, university colleges, independent research institutes or other institutions at which research constitutes an important activity), Nordic research-performing institutions funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, and research institutions that receive public funding from at least three Nordic countries, including Norway. Please note that Nordic institutions are only eligible to submit grant applications for Researcher Projects.



Overall budget:

The overall budget framework for funding for independent projects under this call for proposals is approximately NOK 520 million. The budget framework for funding under FRISAM is approximately NOK 60 million, and is to cover the entire project period for new projects from 2013. Projects awarded under the Research Council’s incentive scheme for proposals for ERC grants will also be funded by this call's budget