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The funding scheme for independent projects (FRIPRO)

Deadline Announcement
Open-ended Financial support to submit a new ERC grant proposal Choose


The funding scheme for independent projects (FRIPRO) comprises a national competitive arena for research funding for projects in all fields and disciplines.

Activities under the FRIPRO scheme are to promote:

  • scientific quality at the forefront of international research;
  • boldness in scientific thinking and innovation;
  • careers for talented young researchers.

Financial support to submit a new ERC grant proposal is available to researchers who submitted a grant proposal to the European Research Council (ERC) and advanced to stage two of the submission process, but who were not awarded an ERC grant. The Research Council is offering up to NOK 500 000 in support to applicants who submit a new proposal within two years of submitting the original one.

The other application types employed by the FRIPRO scheme include:

  • Researcher Project
  • Young Research Talents
  • FRIPRO mobility grant
  • Support for Events
  • Personal Overseas Research Grant

Further information about the application types is available on the FRIPRO webpages and in the calls for proposals.

Calls for the above application types are currently available under the three FRIPRO activities below:



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