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Commercialising R&D results (FORNY2020)

Deadline Announcement
The programme does not contain active announcements


The FORNY programme is to help the Research Council to realise the established performance target to increase value creation in trade and industry. The Research Council helps to increase value creation by:

  1. enhancing the capacity for restructuring in the Norwegian economy;
  2. increasing competitiveness in new and existing industries;
  3. promoting better cooperation and knowledge transfer between R&D institutions and trade and industry.

The programme is to follow up the Government’s Long-term plan for research and higher education by promoting increased commercialisation and innovation activity among publicly-funded research institutions.

The primary objective of the FORNY2020 programme is to increase the commercial utilisation of high-potential R&D results from publicly-funded Norwegian research institutions. The primary objective is divided into the following secondary objectives:

  • To bring commercially promising research results closer or all the way to the market by reducing the level of risk, and thereby helping to set in motion the next stage of the commercialisation process.
  • To encourage the establishment of professional, efficient and specialised commercialisation actors (TTOs) associated with publicly-funded research institutions in Norway.
  • To create a more widespread culture for entrepreneurship and commercialisation among students, researchers and administrators at Norwegian academic and research institutions.

The FORNY programme has no thematic, scientific, sectoral or industrial priorities, and provides funding to commercialisation projects that are based partially or entirely on R&D results from publicly-funded research institutions in Norway. The programme funds projects from all industries, at various levels of maturity and with different paths to market. There are no unilateral requirements relating to technology readiness levels (TRL), but the programme stipulates clear criteria relating to types of proof-of-concept activity, performance indicators for measuring results, implementation capacity and the ability to trigger commercialisation activity. The programme supports the development of concepts and R&D results generated by both researchers and students in institutions of higher education, and from research institutions.

Projects with funding

At present, these projects have received funding from the FORNY2020-programme. The overview provides access to summaries and other key information on all the projects under the programme. (The overview may contain information in Norwegian.)

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Publicly-funded research institutions, Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) representing publicly funded Norwegian research organisations and affiliated start-ups. Projects must be based wholly or partly on results and ideas from research conducted at a publicly funded Norwegian research organisation.



Overall budget:

Approximately NOK 220 million in 2018.

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