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Research and Innovation in the Municipal Sector (FORKOMMUNE)

Deadline Announcement
The programme does not contain active announcements


Applicants are encouraged to create an application well in advance of the submission deadline. It is possible to revise and resubmit the grant application form multiple times up to this deadline. It is the most recently submitted version of the grant application that will be sent on for processing. The Research Council does not have access to the grant application until the submission deadline has expired.


The FORKOMMUNE programme will generate new knowledge and establish closer links between the municipal sector, research groups and other knowledge actors in order to better equip the municipal sector to meet existing and future needs.
The FORKOMMUNE programme is a user-driven innovation programme designed to encourage innovation in the municipal sector and to assist the sector in using research to strengthen its ability and capacity to innovate.

The FORKOMMUNE programme will promote:

  • specific innovations and the development of new solutions;
  • development of knowledge systems for learning and innovation in the municipalities;
  • knowledge about what is required to increase innovation in the municipal sector.

The secondary objectives of the FORKOMMUNE programme are to:

  • facilitate research-supported innovation and develop new tools for knowledge-based innovation and restructuring in the municipal sector;
  • foster a knowledge-based culture for change and innovation in the municipal sector;
  • promote new methods for organisation and cooperation within municipal and county administrations;
  • support and encourage the establishment of innovation networks between municipal and county administrations, research groups, relevant organisations, trade and industry, non-governmental organisations and inhabitants;
  • disseminate knowledge about innovation and make innovation experience available to the sector at large;
  • expand cooperation between the research community and the municipal sector in order to better equip the municipalities to own, initiate and utilise research activities;
  • strengthen the research and innovation system for the municipal sector, develop targeted research groups and enhance collaboration with internationally leading research groups within this field.

See also the FORKOMMUNE work programme (currently only available in Norwegian); link at right.

Projects with funding 

At present, these projects have received funding from the FORKOMMUNE programme. The overview provides access to summaries and other key information on the projects. (The overview may contain information in Norwegian.)

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Municipal and county administrations in cooperation with the research community.



Overall budget:

Approximately NOK 25 million per year in the period 2017–2019.