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Europe in Transition (EUROPA )

Deadline Announcement
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Please note that it is possible to amend and resubmit the grant application form multiple times provided that the submission deadline has not yet expired.


The Europe in Transition research initiative (EUROPA) seeks to encourage high-quality research on European developments at Norwegian research institutions, generate new insight into transition processes in Europe and their effects, and thereby also provide a knowledge base for the development of Norway’s European policy. The initiative spans a 10-year period, from 2007 to 2017.

Phase 1 of the Europe in Transition research initiative began in 2007, and three projects received grant awards for a period of five years. The budget for phase 1 was NOK 60 million. Phase 2 of the initiative began in 2013, and thus far two projects have received grant awards for a period of five years. The budget for the first call for proposals under phase 2 was NOK 48 million. This is the second call under phase 2, and has a budget of NOK 11 million.

The Europe in Transition research initiative (2007-2017/1) encompasses the four following thematic priority areas:

   -   Law and democracy in Europe;
   -   Economic development and integration;
   -   Cultural change processes;
   -   Foreign and security policy in Europe.

The thematic priority areas are reviewed in greater detail in the document “Europe in Transition – phase 2: 2013-2017: Academic and thematic basis”.
The following two main areas will be covered under phase 2 of the initiative:

  1. The significance of Norway’s agreements with the EU for the development of Norwegian society.
  2. Transition processes in Europe, including the political and social impact of the financial crisis on Europe.

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Universities, university colleges, independent research institutes and other research institutions.


2013 - 2017/18