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Funding for research on the local government reform

Up to NOK 16 million is available for one Researcher Project on the local government reform to study the reform’s instruments, the actors and their roles, drivers of the reform at various levels/areas, and ways in which these affect the process and outcome at the national, local and regional levels.

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09.09.2015 13:00 CEST



Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

The financial framework is NOK 16 million distributed over four years, provided that the Storting allocates the necessary funding in the annual budgets.

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:

The Norwegian-language call for proposals is the legally binding version.

This call for proposals is targeted towards generating knowledge about processes and the interaction between 1) the national reform process relating to a change in structures, tasks and roles; 2) local processes involved in consolidation of the municipalities; and 3) processes involved in consolidation of the counties.

For information about the framework and substance of this call, please see the commissioning letter from the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation to the Research Council PDF - 138 KB .

The planned start-up date for the project is 1 January 2016.

The data compiled in connection with the project must be made openly accessible to the general public and submitted to the Norwegian Social Science Data Services once the research results are published.

Applicants must address all of the research questions set out in the commissioning letter, or explain why they have chosen not to address one or more of these questions.

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